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Dennis Sanden
- (507)896-2586
- Fax: (507)896-2119

Gary Sanden
- (507) 894-4589
- Fax: (507) 894-4174




Auction Services

Sanden Realty has been conducting household, farm, antique and business liquidation auctions in the Coulee Region area for 20 years.  In this time, we have become a trusted and respected leader in the auction profession.  We offer a full service auction team devoted to creating an ideal buying environment and dedicated to getting the most out of an auction.

Dennis Sanden (507) 896-2586
Gary Sanden (507) 894-4589

Highlighted services

1.  Modern off-site auction facilities
2.  Consignment auctions
3.  Pre-auction consultation.
4.  Advice and direction in auction preparation.
5.  Merchandise display equipment available.
6.  Promote, advertise, and handle all details.
7.  Work effectively with family members, lenders, attorneys, etc.
8.  Conduct auctions in a professional, enthusiastic manner to create a good buying atmosphere.
9.  Pay all bills pertaining to auction (deducted from proceeds).
10.  Provide necessary follow up upon completion of auction.